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apartment Jagoda is located on the south side of the island Čiovo in Mavarštnica bay in a place called Okrug Gornji. It is 4,5km away from the town of Trogir, and 40km from the town of Split. Here you can find driving directions from Trogir to our suite, although it is our common practise to arange a meating point in Trogir. Below you can find maps for viewing of for download on your computer.

Driving instructions: If you are approaching Trogir from Split or Šibenik, you must enter the town on your left or right (#1). You are now driving across the small bridge, you can see a market place on your right. After the bridge you go left (#2). You are still in Trogir and approaching the second-bigger bridge. Then at the ending of a bridge you go right (#3). Follow the main road which goes uphill and follow the road signs for “Okrug Gornji”. Now there is a big blind curve (#4), and after that you continue driving through houses and pine trees (#5), pass the auto camp “Rožac” (#6) and follow the curved road near the sea (#7). After 1km the road starts to go uphill (#9); you follow the signs for “Okrug Gornji” and drive straight uphill to the “ T ” intersection (#10). Now you go right, and pass the supermarket Tommy. You are now in “Okrug Gornji”. Follow the narrow road. trought one more blind curve (#11) and go straight to the next intersection (#12). You go left following a sign for "Mavarštica, Diruni, Liveli". After cca 200m you will approach a next intersection! (#13) you go right. There is a construction yard just next to the intersection and a small football field. Now you follow the narrrow road downhill. At the bottom there is a small uphill section, which you follow and go left (#14). You are now close to “apartment Jagoda” of family Gaćina which you can recognize by the house number 56, green bushes and orange garage door (#15).

Congratulations, You made it :-)

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Map to apartment Jagoda   Map to apartment Jagoda   Map to apartment Jagoda

Map to apartment Jagoda   Map to apartment Jagoda   Map to apartment Jagoda

Thanks to recently built highway the time of driving to the capital of Croatia Zagreb is reduced to 3 hours. It is the same time of driving to Dubrovnik (highway in in building).The airport is located in Resnik (Kaštela), 10 km far from Trogir. In a case that you are arriving by plane we can arrange a free transportation to apartment Jagoda.
Here you can download on your computer road maps in bigger resolution. Maps are located in zip files, and the third is a pdf file ready for printing.

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Weather in Split region

Here you can see what is the weather at apartment Jagoda at this moment, or you can look at a forecast for next few days so that you can plan you trip.

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